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Members of the IGA

The current membership is as follows.

1. Full-time academic staff

Director: Elder Professor Mathai Varghese FAA (Australian Laureate Fellow)
Deputy Director: Professor Michael K. Murray

Dr Susan Barwick
Associate Professor Nicholas Buchdahl
Professor Michael Eastwood FAA
Dr Peter Hochs
Professor Finnur Larusson
Dr Thomas Leistner
Dr Danny Stevenson
Dr Raymond Vozzo (Scholarly Teaching Fellow)

2. Adjunct, Affiliate and Research staff

*Professor Peter Bouwknegt (Director, MSI, & RSPSE, ANU)
*Professor Alan Carey FAA (MSI, ANU)

Dr David Baraglia (ARC DECRA Fellow, 2016-2018)
Dr Guanheng Chen (ARC Research Associate, commencing April 2018)
Dr Alex Fok (ARC Research Associate, 2017-2018)
Dr Wolfgang Globke (ARC DECRA Fellow, 2015-2017, departing in April 2018)
Dr Matthias Ludewig, (ARC Postdoc Fellow, commencing September 2018)
Dr David Roberts (Visiting Fellow)
Dr Guo Chuan Thiang (ARC DECRA Fellow, 2017-2019)
Dr Hang Wang (ARC DECRA Fellow, 2016-2018, departing in 2018)

*These affiliate staff have been included here since they hold joint ARC Discovery Project grants
with Varghese and Murray and they also jointly supervise PhD students with them.

3. Postgraduates: current

Ms Kimberly Becker (Murray, Stevenson at Adelaide)
Mr David Brook (Varghese, Hochs at Adelaide)
Mr Hao Guo (Varghese, Wang at Adelaide) 2016 B.H. Neumann Prize winner
Mr Michael Hallam (Varghese, Baraglia at Adelaide) 2017 B.H. Neumann Prize winner
Mr Zhenxi Huang (Varghese, Baraglia at Adelaide)
Mr Daniel John (Larusson, Stevenson at Adelaide)
Mr Parsa Kavkani (Murray, Stevenson at Adelaide)
Mr Luke Keating-Hughes (Murray, Stevenson at Adelaide)
Mr Johnny Lim (Varghese, Wang at Adelaide)
Mr John McCarthy (Varghese, Baraglia at Adelaide)
Mr Nicholas McLean (Murray at Adelaide)
Mr Sam Mills (Varghese, Hochs at Adelaide)
Mr Benjamin Moore (Eastwood at Adelaide)
Mr Matthew Ryan (Larusson, Murray at Adelaide)
Ms Haripriya Sridharan (Larusson, Leistner at Adelaide)
Mr Ahnaf Tajwar Tahabub (Varghese, Baraglia at Adelaide)

4. Recent Ph.D. completions

Dr David Butler (Barwick, Casse, PhD 2008, Adelaide)
Dr Jens Kroeske (Eastwood, Buchdahl, PhD 2008, Adelaide)
Dr Tony Scoleri (Murray, Brooks, Chojnacki, PhD 2008, Adelaide)
Dr Rongmin Lu (Varghese, Buchdahl, PhD 2009, Adelaide)
Dr Raymond Vozzo (Murray, Varghese, PhD 2009, Adelaide)
Dr David Roberts (Murray, Varghese, Stasheff, PhD 2010, Adelaide)
Dr Daniel Marshall (Barwick, Casse, PhD 2010, Adelaide),
Dr Richard Green (Varghese, Murray, PhD 2011, Adelaide),
Dr James Wallbridge (Varghese, Murray, Toen, PhD 2011, Adelaide & Toulouse)
Dr Tyson Ritter (Larusson, Buchdahl, PhD 2011, Adelaide),
Dr Alexander Hanysz (Larusson, Buchdahl, PhD 2013, Adelaide),
Dr David Bowman (Larusson, Buchdahl, PhD 2016, Adelaide),

5. Recent IGA alumni

Dr Pedram Hekmati (ARC DECRA Fellow, U. Adelaide, 2012-2014; Postdoc of Excellence, IMPA, Brazil, 2015-2017; Senior Lecturer, U. Auckland, 2017-)
Dr Melissa Tacy (Lecturer, U. Adelaide, 2014-2016; Postdoc at ANU, Canberra, 2016-2017; Lecturer, U. Otago, NZ, 2017-)
Dr Tuyen Truong, (ARC Research Associate, 2015-2017; Associate Professor at University of Oslo, September 2017-).

Eligibility for membership

Members of the Institute currently have links with the Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics. Any member of that department, and indeed a member of any University Department considered to have interests in common with the Institute, may apply to become a member of the Institute. Such members will be required to specify a fraction of their time which will be devoted to activities falling within the ambit of the Institute. Associate membership of the Institute may be granted to staff of other Universities where this will enhance the activities of the Institute. The Institute will work with the proposed University of Adelaide Institute of Theoretical Physics to promote cooperation in research and postgraduate training in those areas of common interest. The two Institutes may share resources where appropriate.

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